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2021 Runoffs Eligibility

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The following drivers have completed one of the eligibility paths for the listed class as defined in the current SCCA GCR 3.7.4.A and therefore eligible to submit an entry to participate in the 2021 SCCA Runoffs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway If you believe your name should be on this list and it is not, please email Be sure to include name, member number, and class.

Eligible Drivers

Name Member ID Class Path
Andrew P McDermid 137606 AS Majors
Andy Schniedermeyer 481515 AS Majors
Casey McLoed 625502 AS Majors
Christopher C Qualls 360274 AS Majors
Curt Faigle 260709 AS Majors
Daniel A. Richardson 346484 AS Majors
Gregg E Ditzian 180159_1 AS 2M + 2R
Gregory Eaton 306463 AS 2020 RO #1
James A Jost 427812 AS Majors
John Michael Barnett 510794 AS Majors
Kelly Lubash 230595 AS Majors
Lynne R Griffiths 39299 AS Majors
Michael Lee Thompson 327288 AS Majors
Michael Robert Lowe 497261 AS Majors
Mikhail Butenko 608226 AS Majors
Morey Christopher Doyle 164411 AS Majors
Philip Smith 290992_1 AS Majors
Phillip C Waters 108001 AS Majors
Thomas Ellis 330329_4 AS Majors
Timothy White 193088 AS Majors
Alex Ratcliffe 269270 B-Spec Majors
Ali Naimi 188529 B-Spec Majors
Andrew D Doyle 167699 B-Spec Majors
Anthony Roma 203872 B-Spec Majors
Billy A Parrott 470021 B-Spec Majors
Carey Rouse 646030 B-Spec Majors
Charles Joseph Valdez 546350 B-Spec Majors
Charles William Davis 19893 B-Spec Majors
Chris Taylor 321393 B-Spec Majors
Christopher Daughtery 459061 B-Spec Majors
Conner Kelleher 358887 B-Spec Majors
Dan Hardison 382468 B-Spec Majors
David D Oliveira 432960 B-Spec Majors
David Daughtery 139327 B-Spec Majors
David Glenn Hancock, Jr. 450534 B-Spec Majors
David Rosenblum 160155 B-Spec Majors
Dr. Kent L Carter 277344 B-Spec Majors
Drew Strickland 318799 B-Spec Majors
Frank Schwartz 164153_1 B-Spec Majors
Fritz Wilke 211911 B-Spec Majors
G. Brian Metcalf 129684_1 B-Spec Majors
J B Swan 312130 B-Spec Majors
James O'Hare 341030 B-Spec Majors
James W Rogerson 245971 B-Spec Majors
John A Phillips, III 102149_1 B-Spec Majors
Jorge Fabian 646550 B-Spec Majors
Joseph D Gersch 185486 B-Spec Majors
Kyle Keenan 378070 B-Spec Majors
Matthew S Downing 259802_1 B-Spec Majors
Michael Olivier 324980 B-Spec Majors
Michael Zachary Fox 363202 B-Spec Majors
Richard Holmstrom 546032 B-Spec Majors
Riley Salyer 520499 B-Spec 2020 RO #1
Rob Piekarczyk 268801 B-Spec Majors
Robert M. Bax 207365 B-Spec Majors
Ryan George Moran 401189 B-Spec Majors
Shawn Fohs 336574 B-Spec Majors
Stephanie Andersen 420668 B-Spec Majors
Steve Kaster 639068 B-Spec Majors
Steven Introne 180337 B-Spec Majors
Stewart Black 362118 B-Spec Majors
Thomas Lepper 98815 B-Spec Majors
Aaron Glen Downey 296436 EP Majors
Aaron Johnson 310579 EP Majors
Anthony (Coyote) Black 529186 EP Majors
Brandon Droese 423870 EP Majors
Don Tucker 121541_1 EP Majors
Donald C Walsh 223440_1 EP Majors
Doug Keith Piner 435934 EP Majors
Jesse K Prather 275882_1 EP 2020 RO #1
Joe Carr 498797 EP Majors
Kevin Neil Koelemeyer 465845 EP Majors
Kurt Frietzsche 350208 EP Majors
Larry A Svaton 48539 EP Majors
Mark Weber 19811 EP Majors
Matthew D. Reynolds 220134_3 EP Majors
Michael J Frost 220866 EP 2M + 2R
Mike Anderson 280538 EP Majors
Paul A. Lopez 410221 EP 2M + 2R
Paul J Pineider 333275 EP Majors
Peter Charles Norton 32233_3 EP Majors
Rich Olsen 385858 EP Majors
Richard N Walke 124163_1 EP Majors
Rick Kosdrosky 353742 EP Majors
Ron Olsen 262137 EP Majors
Steve Rose 384573 EP Majors
Aaron W Ellis 192171 F5 Majors
Calvin Stewart 290303_1 F5 Majors
Carl Maier 232636 F5 Majors
Chuck McAbee 148167 F5 Majors
Clint McMahan 282757 F5 Majors
David L. Vincent 377683 F5 Majors
F Russell Strate, Jr. 1951 F5 Majors
George M Fox 448524 F5 Majors
H Cory McLeod 234010 F5 Majors
Jack Walbran 118865 F5 Majors
James R Weida 331314 F5 Majors
Jason Martin 433734 F5 Majors
Jeff DeLong 490696 F5 Majors
Jeff R Jorgenson 190339 F5 Majors
Justin Gaver 233036 F5 Majors
Keith J Joslyn 144463 F5 Majors
Rick Eskola 158574 F5 Majors
Robert G Gray 521551 F5 Majors
Ryan Mayfield 530931 F5 Majors
Steven A Jondal 240744_1 F5 Majors
Sven de Vries 478932 F5 Majors
Timothy Blaine Friest 391518 F5 Majors
C Ahsen Yelkin 93996_1 FA Majors
Daryl Wizelman 527249 FA Majors
David J Zavelson 239176 FA Majors
David T Burkett 190820_1 FA Majors
J.R. Smart 295306 FA Majors
Jacek Mucha 171 FA Majors
James French 396487 FA Majors
Jim Booth 444590 FA Majors
Kevin Andrew Bury 507800 FA Majors
Marc Paganini 359514 FA Majors
Michael Sauce 46314_1 FA Majors
Paul Ravaris 453130 FA Majors
Robert J Radmann 538026 FA Majors
Robert Randall Merritt 440979 FA 2M + 2R
Spencer Brockman 480060 FA 2020 RO #1
Tony Opheim 277348 FA Majors
Alex Tollefsen 103626_5 FC 2M + 2R
Andrew Gamble 460460 FC 2M + 2R
Bill Johnson 181783_1 FC Majors
Charles V Moran 11434 FC Majors
Chris Scharnow 326871 FC Majors
Daniel R Swanbeck 475264 FC Majors
DEAN KIRILUK 644121 FC Majors
Devin J LeSueur 451681 FC Majors
Douglas Rocco 134246_1 FC Majors
Glenn Guido Cordova 233441 FC Majors
John J Norton, Jr. 274549 FC Majors
Kenneth Arthur Weld, Jr. 107724 FC Majors
Lyn Greenhill 454636 FC 2M + 2R
Mauro J Fauza 307370_1 FC Majors
Mike Pepitone 295237 FC Majors
Nolan Allaer 632103 FC Majors
Paul Marino 139146_1 FC Majors
Peter G West, Jr. 166282 FC Majors
Robert Armington 402631 FC Majors
Robert W Allaer 396185 FC 2020 RO #1
Simon Sikes 526265 FC Majors
Timothy P Minor 151410 FC Majors
Tom Hope 433767 FC Majors
William F Hoops 330974 FC Majors
Alastair S McEwan 407347 FE2 Majors
Amy Hollowell 608832 FE2 Majors
Bailey Monette 324353_6 FE2 Majors
Blake Pigeon 649330 FE2 Majors
Charles Russell Turner 506430 FE2 Majors
Corey Thomas Condit 481137 FE2 Majors
Darryl Wills 289743 FE2 Majors
Dr. Dean Alan Oppermann 128453 FE2 Majors
Eric Cruz 860 FE2 Majors
Gabriel Fehribach 555455 FE2 Majors
Gray Fowler 624031 FE2 Majors
James F Libecco 292895 FE2 Majors
James F Regan 67706_1 FE2 Majors
Jason Pribyl 623760 FE2 Majors
Jeff S Read 321177 FE2 Majors
Jeff Shafer 376864 FE2 Majors
John Patrick Witherspoon 277058 FE2 Majors
Keith Alan McDonald 355346 FE2 Majors
Kelton L Jago 461505 FE2 Majors
Lee Rackley 389981 FE2 Majors
Liam Snyder 453452 FE2 2020 RO #1
Mark Alan Schneider 404403 FE2 2M + 2R
Max Grau 463622 FE2 Majors
Owen McAllister 548655 FE2 Majors
Paul Schneider 314374 FE2 Majors
Randel Timothy Sink 450203 FE2 2M + 2R
Robert Vernon Vanman 507232 FE2 Majors
Roy S. Hillenburg 399473 FE2 Majors
Sam Harrington 270961 FE2 Majors
Scott D Rettich 355725 FE2 Majors
Thomas J Green, Jr. 270896 FE2 Majors
TJ Acker 210471 FE2 Majors
Todd Vanacore 437801 FE2 Majors
Tom Burt 190965 FE2 Majors
Bill Kephart 218084 FF Majors
Charles Horn 229541 FF Majors
Clifford A Johnson 117710 FF Majors
David H Livingston Jr 251277 FF Majors
Denny Renfrow 203432_1 FF Majors
E David Adorno 622108 FF Majors
Eric J. Poulsen 527187 FF Majors
Gregory Peluso 321160 FF Majors
James M Morgan 123653 FF Majors
Jay Messenger 69966_1 FF Majors
John M Schimenti 306594 FF 2M + 2R
Joseph Colasacco 197874 FF Majors
Raymond F Boyer 163151 FF Majors
Robert C Gross 484119 FF Majors
Simon Sikes 526265 FF 2020 RO #1
Steven Grafton 635695 FF Majors
Ben Glowka 626685 FP Majors
Charles Guest 282831 FP Majors
Charles Mathis 180832_1 FP Majors
Charles R Campbell 285427 FP Majors
Cliff Ira 319875 FP Majors
Craig P Chima 148314 FP 2020 RO #1
Daniel H Snow 147754 FP Majors
David Colbey 443269 FP 2M + 2R
David Richard Bednarz 342032 FP Majors
Donald B Ahrens 114715 FP Majors
Dr. Michael Kamalian 444192 FP Majors
Eric Prill 207384 FP Majors
Garey Allen Raymond 508241 FP Majors
James Melady 546272 FP Majors
James Simaras 191391 FP Majors
Ken Kannard 290013_1 FP Majors
Kevin Ruck 273275 FP Majors
Larry Funk 52726 FP Majors
Mark McAllister 180427 FP Majors
Mark Weber 19811 FP Majors
Mason Workman 223903 FP Majors
Michael F Hart 446990 FP Majors
Michael T Gnadt 169912_1 FP Majors
Perry Simonds 443046 FP Majors
Randolph Howard Wagner 77882 FP Majors
Richard G Gallup 39575 FP Majors
Rick Harris 327634 FP Majors
Robert D Keller 141075_1 FP Majors
Samuel Michael Valenzuela 537954 FP Majors
Samuel R Henry 279229 FP Majors
Scott McAllister 452297 FP Majors
Steffen T Clark 434913 FP Majors
Steven Gray Layfield 376907 FP 2M + 2R
Taz E Harvey 494856 FP Majors
Wade McBride 213412_1 FP Majors
Andrew Whitston 289416 FV Majors
Anthony Brooks Henderson 309295 FV Majors
Brian Edward Farnham 438575 FV Majors
Brian Styczynski 650534 FV Majors
Charles I Turner 261282 FV Majors
Chris Barry 495143 FV Majors
Chris Caruso 543295 FV Majors
Chris Jennerjahn 264694_1 FV 2020 RO #1
Curt Bennett 84369_1 FV Majors
Dennis G Andrade 45807_1 FV Majors
Donald G Manthe 254525 FV Majors
Donnie Isley 64400_1 FV Majors
Dr. Jeffrey Lee Loughead 59992_1 FV Majors
Gavin Sweeney 377908 FV Majors
Gregory Bruns 139703 FV Majors
Guy Bellingham 351519 FV Majors
Hunter Phelps-Barron 546899 FV Majors
Jeffrey Filipkowski 337874 FV Majors
Jeffrey M Valeo 404328 FV Majors
Lawrence C Bacon 149134_1 FV 2M + 2R
Marjorie Lundberg 209210 FV Majors
Mark E Farnham 200365 FV Majors
Mark Edwards 63787_1 FV Majors
Mark Felsen 324875 FV Majors
Mark Fosberry 159699 FV Majors
Mitchell R Ferguson 213180 FV Majors
Quinn H. Posner 202805 FV Majors
Richard Richardson 232730 FV Majors
Richard Shields 324726 FV Majors
Rick Ruckman 130858 FV Majors
Robert D Neumeister 112181 FV Majors
Robert L Posner 88004 FV Majors
Ron L Whitston 33931_1 FV Majors
Ron Y Wake 50380 FV 2M + 2R
Ryan Lee Donaghy 522866 FV Majors
Stevan A Davis 56649 FV Majors
Steve Whitston 631357 FV Majors
William Styczynski 66869_1 FV Majors
Zach Whitston 33931_4 FV Majors
Austin Hill 636690 FX Majors
Avery C Towns 646870 FX Majors
Brad Drew 221118 FX Majors
Bradley Yake 464108 FX Majors
Hartley K MacDonald 454094 FX Majors
Jacob Loomis 489855 FX 2020 RO #1
John P Goetsch 538095 FX Majors
Keaton Robert Van Thof 547074 FX 2M + 2R
Melvin David Kemper, Jr. 48486 FX Majors
Paul Eugene Crabtree 552703 FX Majors
Randy Ray Freeman 476917 FX Majors
Ritchie D Hollingsworth 310455 FX 2M + 2R
Robert B Wright 47526_1 FX Majors
Ryan McLaughlin 359544 FX Majors
Sterling Hamilton 632072 FX Majors
Tao Takaoka 437817 FX 2M + 2R
Vaughn Glace 641043 FX Majors
Victor Lee Mauk 512193 FX Majors
Woody A Yerxa 126989_1 FX 2M + 2R
Cliff A Ebben 244296 GT1 Majors
Dave Ruehlow 353465 GT1 Majors
David L Fershtand 225386 GT1 Majors
Don Noe 266856 GT1 Majors
J Richard Grant 37253_1 GT1 Majors
Joseph Freda 236160_1 GT1 Majors
K. Dane Smith 236500_4 GT1 Majors
Michael Lewis 113617 GT1 Majors
Paige Alexander 370128 GT1 Majors
Paul Musschoot 281155 GT1 Majors
Rick Dittman 57464 GT1 Majors
Robert W Monette 324353_1 GT1 Majors
Thomas S Herb 403182 GT1 Majors
Tom Smith 236500_1 GT1 Majors
Tony Ave 138993 GT1 2020 RO #1
Tony Stefanon 237202 GT1 Majors
Zachary Monette 324353_3 GT1 Majors
Andrew Joseph Mistak, Jr. 545199 GT2 Majors
Andrew M Wright 288525 GT2 Majors
Boyd Lear 137291_1 GT2 Majors
Bryan William Sircely 527870 GT2 Majors
Charles Barnes 373390 GT2 Majors
Dr. Kevin M Allen 208280 GT2 Majors
Galen Bieker 306455 GT2 Majors
Joe Koenig 384667 GT2 Majors
Joe Moholland 530195 GT2 Majors
John Stott 119987_1 GT2 Majors
Jonathan Anderson 337802 GT2 Majors
Jorge A Nazario 364634 GT2 Majors
Kenny Bupp 241143 GT2 2M + 2R
Levi Lear 525558 GT2 Majors
Mark J Boden 266025_1 GT2 Majors
Mark Kirby 337932 GT2 Majors
Marvin Epps 511477 GT2 Majors
Mike Henderson 124620 GT2 Majors
Pete Peterson 159147_1 GT2 Majors
R Paul Evans 286256_1 GT2 Majors
Scott D Sanda 215450_1 GT2 2M + 2R
Scotty B White 215974_1 GT2 Majors
Terry Gilles 134893 GT2 Majors
Thomas S Herb 403182 GT2 Majors
Tim Kezman 468072 GT2 Majors
Timothy M Gray 253560 GT2 Majors
Tom Patton 62167 GT2 Majors
Bill McGavic 122611 GT3 Majors
Blake Wilson 356163 GT3 Majors
Brian T Haupt 6976 GT3 Majors
Bryan A Floyd 188186 GT3 Majors
Christopher Howard 211118 GT3 Majors
George J Cichon, Jr. 102531 GT3 Majors
George P. Walker 335170 GT3 Majors
Joe Carr 498797 GT3 Majors
Jose A Rodriguez 180431 GT3 Majors
Kenford R Nelson 131726 GT3 Majors
Larry W Hansen 112771 GT3 Majors
Luis Rivera 147645 GT3 Majors
Michael Lewis 113617 GT3 2020 RO #1
Mike Henderson 124620 GT3 Majors
Paul V Young, Jr. 110624 GT3 Majors
Ray E. G. Stephenson 147540_1 GT3 Majors
Stacy Wilson 142684 GT3 Majors
Taz E Harvey 494856 GT3 Majors
Troy Wayne Ermish 379862 GT3 Majors
Wolfgang Maike 42175_1 GT3 Majors
Bill Keeney 140623 GTL Majors
Brian Linn 135242 GTL Majors
Charles Leonard 240349 GTL Majors
Christopher J Kopley 171720_1 GTL Majors
Christopher P Bovis 125638 GTL Majors
Edward W Nicholson 464435 GTL Majors
Graham Mark Fuller 464790 GTL Majors
James Blust 278562 GTL Majors
James Gregorius 434917 GTL Majors
Joe Huffaker 62146 GTL Majors
Jonathan Henry Stalzer 346158 GTL 2M + 2R
Michael Lewis 113617 GTL Majors
Paul A Mevoli DMD 121769_1 GTL Majors
Peter J Zekert 1000 GTL Majors
Roy Lopshire 49716 GTL Majors
Tim Linerud 61387_2 GTL Majors
Andrew M Wright 288525 HP Majors
Ben Valentine 402434 HP Majors
Brayden Connolly 280617_3 HP Majors
Brooke H Fairbanks 418214 HP 2M + 2R
Chris W Albin 180831_1 HP Majors
Christopher Schaafsma 310090 HP Majors
Cory Markos 356165 HP Majors
Darryl Saylor 135086_1 HP Majors
Dr. Charles S Fullgraf 302093 HP Majors
Dr. John R Faull 4995 HP Majors
Dr. Neil Verity 270572 HP Majors
Edward Werry 418073 HP Majors
Enrik (Rick) Benazic 271169 HP Majors
Eric Vickerman 244425_1 HP Majors
Frederick M White 174849 HP Majors
Greg A. L. Gauper 100638 HP Majors
Greg Amy 110138 HP Majors
Jack A Schulz 309043 HP Majors
James Melady 546272 HP Majors
James W Rogerson 245971 HP Majors
Leanna Wright 476033 HP Majors
Mark H Brakke 25067 HP Majors
Martin P Burk 64945 HP Majors
Matthew Benazic 351176 HP Majors
Matthew L Brannon 280617_1 HP Majors
Michael Cummings 60190_1 HP Majors
Ralf Lindow 416957 HP Majors
Robert E Horrell Jr 284368 HP Majors
Robert M. Bax 207365 HP Majors
Robin Kris Bank 486388 HP Majors
Steve Sargis 66290 HP 2020 RO #1
Tom Broring 228991 HP Majors
Vesa S Silegren 267444 HP Majors
Chip Romer 512461 P1 Majors
Darryl F Shoff 261435 P1 Majors
David Locke 412582 P1 Majors
Garry Gerard Crook 506561 P1 Majors
Greg Case 200945 P1 Majors
James French 396487 P1 2020 RO #1
Jason R Miller 226307 P1 Majors
Jim Devenport 370871 P1 Majors
John McAleer 468495 P1 Majors
Johnnie Crean 49 P1 Majors
Jon Sebastian Dounchis, MD 526063 P1 Majors
Joseph Jess Viso 527352 P1 Majors
Joseph W Moran 80709 P1 Majors
Lee Alexander 407556 P1 Majors
Todd Vanacore 437801 P1 Majors
William Alan Munholland 488161 P1 Majors
Charles (Chuck) Hastings McConica 438780 P2 Majors
Craig A Farr 315864 P2 2M + 2R
Dr. Michael Moulton 367754 P2 Majors
Greg Gyann 478244 P2 2020 RO #1
John Gyann 336222 P2 Majors
John Mathew MacIntyre 528343 P2 Majors
Kevin P Mitz 242014_1 P2 2M + 2R
Lucian Pancea 355655 P2 Majors
Michael A Reupert 141856_1 P2 Majors
Norm Benson 510588 P2 Majors
Richard W. Colburn 3094 P2 Majors
Robert Iversen 363433 P2 Majors
Sherman Chao 262589 P2 2M + 2R
Thomas S Kaufman 107270 P2 Majors
Tim Day Jr 391495 P2 Majors
Tray Ayres 256983 P2 Majors
Adam Thomas Stroup 497767 SM 2M + 2R
Aidan Fassnacht 620010 SM Majors
Alan Leukhardt, IV 302520_4 SM Majors
Alejandro Della Torre 468874 SM 2M + 2R
Alfredo Zedan 638796 SM Majors
Amy Mills 360169 SM Majors
Andrew Von Charbonneau 336361 SM Majors
Anthony J Geraci 443372 SM Majors
Anthony Maioriello 646144 SM Majors
Antonio Abrom 649221 SM 2M + 2R
Bashar Qudah 644057 SM Majors
Benjamin Wallace 554386 SM 2M + 2R
Boris Said Jr 646822 SM Majors
Brad Childs 515067 SM Majors
Brandon Scott Collins 510838 SM Majors
Breton W Williams 386027 SM Majors
Brett Kowalski 631265 SM Majors
Brian Mathew Henderson 465061 SM Majors
Brian Slater 540280 SM Majors
Charles R Campbell 285427 SM Majors
Charles-Dylan Booze Mactutus 545121 SM Majors
Chris Lefferdink 476843 SM Majors
Christian David Blevins 513416 SM 2M + 2R
Christopher Bride 550006 SM 2M + 2R
Christopher David Haldeman 412747 SM Majors
Christopher Shaffer 545153 SM Majors
Connor Thomas 652671 SM Majors
Connor Zilisch 492486 SM Majors
Cooper Lilly 447049 SM Majors
Daniel L. Harding 338744 SM Majors
Daniel P Moen 402433 SM Majors
Danny Steyn 376487 SM Majors
David Flynt 639031 SM Majors
David J Ciufo 148770_1 SM Majors
David L Guinn 6464 SM Majors
David Lewis Henderson, Jr. 465063 SM Majors
Domenico Leuci 424106 SM Majors
Dr. Alan R Cross 261566 SM Majors
Dr. Marshall Lee Stocker 527779 SM 2M + 2R
Dr. Shay Weston Corbin 463127 SM Majors
Elivan P Goulart 700 SM Majors
Eric Gerchak 548161 SM 2M + 2R
Francisco Barroso 626541 SM Majors
Frederick Lee Baker 512074 SM Majors
Gary M Blanarik 276284 SM Majors
Grayson Farischon 631483 SM Majors
Greg Abel 421009 SM Majors
Jack Gold 632716 SM Majors
Jaden Alec Lander 607322 SM Majors
James Dvorak 630830 SM Majors
James Louis Brown 235199 SM Majors
James Stevens 277737 SM Majors
Jeremy Butz 466268 SM Majors
Jeremy Glen Durst 615615 SM Majors
Jeremy Rutter 344256 SM Majors
Jesse Singer 483245 SM Majors
Jim Drago 333432 SM Majors
John A Raudat 460476 SM Majors
John C Kuitwaard 330205 SM Majors
John Gilbert Hotz 445857 SM 2M + 2R
John Philip Somner, MD 465598 SM Majors
John Valenta 235360 SM Majors
Jorge Oscar Diaz 109617 SM Majors
Joseph Tobin 381632 SM Majors
Joshua Hansen 553296 SM Majors
Joshua Howard Holsworth 424571 SM Majors
Justin Casey 526839 SM Majors
Justin Lautz 465371 SM Majors
Justin Oakes 631327 SM Majors
Kyle Greenhill 395683 SM Majors
Kyle Haney 632261 SM 2M + 2R
Kyle Hohlier 647378 SM Majors
Lee Thomas 425437 SM Majors
Logan Stretch 229543_7 SM Majors
Marc Briley 68125 SM Majors
Marc Cefalo 256244 SM Majors
Mark Thomas Curlee 544530 SM Majors
Matt Sam Fielding-Russell 495502 SM 2M + 2R
Matthew D Fassnacht 418789 SM Majors
Matthew D. Reynolds 220134_3 SM Majors
Matthew F Davis 217912 SM Majors
Matthew Morin 516983 SM Majors
Matthew Payne 510840 SM Majors
McKenzie James Coffman 620157 SM Majors
Michael Douglas Gershon 544521 SM 2M + 2R
Michael Joseph LaMaina 384683 SM 2M + 2R
Mitchell Graybeal 646117 SM Majors
Myles Goertz 506119 SM Majors
Nash Beverage Lawson, Jr. 411446 SM 2M + 2R
Nathan Saxon 543099 SM 2M + 2R
Nicholas Bruni 421116 SM Majors
Nick Leverone 200602 SM Majors
Nick Stagl 545103 SM Majors
Nico Bratz 610792 SM Majors
Philip Christopher Bloom 476041 SM Majors
Phillip Sheridan McCammon 448332 SM Majors
Preston Pardus 449867 SM 2020 RO #1
Quyen Tong 535265 SM Majors
Richard Astacio 465698 SM Majors
Robert Spence 365186 SM Majors
Ryan Gutile 513091 SM Majors
Samantha Silver 424412 SM Majors
Scott Bowman 624956 SM Majors
Sean C Hayes 510644 SM Majors
Sean Varwig 646434 SM Majors
Senter Smith 483451 SM Majors
Stanley "Skip" M Brock 378893 SM Majors
Stanley Cosper 356419 SM Majors
Stanley M Brock, Jr. 404150 SM Majors
Steve Sturm 384453 SM Majors
Steven D. Powers 212429 SM Majors
Theodore R Cahall, Jr. 386084 SM 2M + 2R
Thomas Boyd Podmore, III 533087 SM Majors
Thomas Scott Crum 615197 SM Majors
Toby Linder 416244 SM Majors
Todd Buras 264358 SM Majors
Tom Brown 404862 SM Majors
Tommy McCarthy 10581_3 SM 2M + 2R
Travis Wiley 615414 SM Majors
Tyler John Brown 460133 SM Majors
Tyler Ladd 512613 SM Majors
Tyler Quance 527160 SM Majors
Vinnie Baratta 451356 SM Majors
Voytek Burdzy 407876 SM Majors
Warren Alan Sackman, III 405604 SM Majors
Whitfield Gregg 360035 SM Majors
William Elliott Keeling 287317 SM Majors
William L Knight 484940 SM Majors
Alan R Olson 347704 SRF3 2M + 2R
Allen David Massey 448541 SRF3 Majors
Andre P Perra 461936 SRF3 Majors
Andrea King 497690 SRF3 Majors
Andrew Von Charbonneau 336361 SRF3 Majors
Ashley B Oaks 504776 SRF3 Majors
Benjamin Wallace 554386 SRF3 2M + 2R
Bernard A Grogan, III 459478 SRF3 Majors
Bill Booth 336219 SRF3 Majors
Bill Murray 459643 SRF3 Majors
Bobby Sak 232202 SRF3 2020 RO #1
Brian Grigsby 325398_1 SRF3 Majors
Brian Lindsay Cates 376567 SRF3 2M + 2R
Brian P Schofield 232284 SRF3 Majors
Bruce Kromminga 178364 SRF3 Majors
Bryan Schubert 527833 SRF3 Majors
Caleb Shrader 622464 SRF3 Majors
Carl Hayward 450988 SRF3 Majors
Charles Russell Turner 506430 SRF3 Majors
Charlie Frank Pigeon 451228 SRF3 Majors
Charlie H Rogers 220249 SRF3 Majors
Chris Current 209758 SRF3 Majors
Chris Jennerjahn 264694_1 SRF3 Majors
Christopher J Pluta 225593 SRF3 Majors
Chuck Newman 474886 SRF3 Majors
Clif Twaddle 375872 SRF3 Majors
Connor Sanda 215450_4 SRF3 Majors
Corey Thomas Condit 481137 SRF3 Majors
Craig Allen Wheatley 497626 SRF3 Majors
Dave Tatge 444834 SRF3 Majors
Dave Yahn 135501_1 SRF3 Majors
David Anzalone 435522 SRF3 Majors
David B Jackson 620322 SRF3 Majors
David K De Bolt 3899_1 SRF3 Majors
David Thomas Schaal 346504 SRF3 2M + 2R
David W Ogburn, III 414470 SRF3 Majors
Denny Fosdick 137421 SRF3 Majors
Denny Stripling 219463 SRF3 Majors
Donald Wayne Tessier 326341 SRF3 Majors
Douglas Stewart 191031 SRF3 Majors
Dr. David Dickerson 417715 SRF3 Majors
Dr. Richard Stephens 349691 SRF3 Majors
Dr. Thomas Weir 371907 SRF3 2M + 2R
Evan Slater 625034 SRF3 Majors
Franklin Futrelle 303588 SRF3 Majors
Gary Glanger 448785 SRF3 Majors
Gary Vizioli 399261 SRF3 Majors
Grayson Strathman 409212 SRF3 Majors
Greg Miller 541010 SRF3 Majors
Gregory Angus 646638 SRF3 2M + 2R
Gregory Richard Eick 519885 SRF3 2M + 2R
J Mark Wendling 191864_1 SRF3 Majors
Jacob Deily 634389 SRF3 Majors
James F Libecco 292895 SRF3 Majors
James F Regan 67706_1 SRF3 Majors
James J Goughary Jr 135611 SRF3 Majors
Jason Joel Kubasak 473196 SRF3 2M + 2R
Jay Rosenthal 507814 SRF3 Majors
Jeff Lehner 307933 SRF3 Majors
Jerry Valentin Aplass 404463 SRF3 2M + 2R
Jim Cote, Sr. 323084 SRF3 Majors
Jim Nash 136519 SRF3 2M + 2R
Jimmy Cote, Jr. 323086 SRF3 Majors
Joe Frederick 463647 SRF3 Majors
John B Black 202424 SRF3 Majors
John Greene 246522 SRF3 Majors
John M Hall 281601 SRF3 2M + 2R
Johnny R Meriggi 220042_1 SRF3 Majors
Joseph Sammut 375321 SRF3 Majors
Joshua Hansen 553296 SRF3 Majors
Joshua Max Jacobs 382875 SRF3 2M + 2R
Judson Holt 641180 SRF3 Majors
Justin M Elder 259510 SRF3 2M + 2R
Justin Upchurch 540995 SRF3 Majors
Kevin Elion 296156 SRF3 Majors
Kurt Breitinger 251131 SRF3 2M + 2R
Lee A Douglas 370148 SRF3 Majors
Lee W McNeish 283172 SRF3 Majors
Liam Snyder 453452 SRF3 Majors
Mark P Ballengee 267269 SRF3 Majors
Mark Snyder 453451 SRF3 Majors
Mark Z Goodman 111579 SRF3 Majors
Matt Strathman 331252 SRF3 Majors
Matthew Griffin Horst 511090 SRF3 Majors
Matthew T Gray 381528 SRF3 Majors
Michael F Feno 111676 SRF3 2M + 2R
Mike Bakinowski 599936 SRF3 2M + 2R
Mike Miserendino 312012 SRF3 Majors
Nils Musaeus 258185 SRF3 Majors
Noah Hambayi 514290 SRF3 Majors
Patrick Stringer 347365 SRF3 Majors
Paul Goudy 386600 SRF3 Majors
Paul Marino 139146_1 SRF3 Majors
Paul Miranda 348148 SRF3 Majors
Perry James Richardson 340125 SRF3 Majors
Peter Jankovskis 337818 SRF3 Majors
Peter Paul Phillips, Jr. 496725 SRF3 Majors
Raymond Miller 470878 SRF3 Majors
Reid D Johnson 242765 SRF3 Majors
Richard Anthony Harris 479864 SRF3 2M + 2R
Richard L Anderson 282980 SRF3 Majors
Richard S Baldwin 251423 SRF3 Majors
Rob Clifton 553373 SRF3 Majors
Robert Pielsticker 612544 SRF3 Majors
Robert Sachs 378223 SRF3 2M + 2R
Robert W. Reed 311013 SRF3 Majors
Robeson Clay Russell 437552 SRF3 Majors
Robin Kirkland 363825 SRF3 Majors
Russell King 497691 SRF3 Majors
S. Sandy Satullo, III 341977 SRF3 Majors
Scott C. Barr 515144 SRF3 Majors
Scott D Rettich 355725 SRF3 Majors
Scott Monroe 289372_1 SRF3 Majors
Scott Reimer 530760 SRF3 2M + 2R
Sean F Sorrell 545344 SRF3 2M + 2R
Steve Clifton 553374 SRF3 Majors
Steve Fogg 364660 SRF3 Majors
Steven Challis 613859 SRF3 2M + 2R
Steven Greenhill 395672 SRF3 Majors
Steven M Spano 433994 SRF3 Majors
Steven Rehkemper 222447 SRF3 Majors
Steven Sammut 421681 SRF3 Majors
Thomas F Kirchman 236545 SRF3 Majors
Thomas R Riley 323160_1 SRF3 Majors
Thomas Stone 524245 SRF3 Majors
Tim Preble 368767 SRF3 Majors
Timothy D Blakeley 107715 SRF3 Majors
Timothy M Gray 253560 SRF3 Majors
TJ Acker 210471 SRF3 Majors
Todd Harris 230202 SRF3 Majors
Todd Vanacore 437801 SRF3 Majors
Tom Burt 190965 SRF3 Majors
Tom Miserendino 131146 SRF3 Majors
Trevor Acker 644255 SRF3 Majors
Tyler Fox 313806 SRF3 Majors
Umberto Milletti 343482 SRF3 Majors
Wade C White, Jr. 55148 SRF3 Majors
Whitney Strickland 455001 SRF3 Majors
William G Shields 471546 SRF3 Majors
Amy Mills 360169 STL Majors
Bashar Qudah 644057 STL Majors
Charles Guest 282831 STL Majors
Charles Hines 362977 STL Majors
Craig McHaffie 351954 STL Majors
Dale Shoemaker 357876 STL Majors
Daniel L Schaut 332948 STL Majors
Daniel L. Harding 338744 STL Majors
Danny Steyn 376487 STL Majors
Darrel R Stein 351373 STL Majors
David Anthony Zink 494005 STL Majors
David LeCren 341994 STL Majors
David Palfenier 361704 STL Majors
Denny Stripling 219463 STL Majors
Dr. Marshall Lee Stocker 527779 STL 2M + 2R
Dr. Pedro J Colon 529567 STL Majors
Edward Eckart 363824 STL Majors
Gonzalo Aponte 552422 STL 2M + 2R
Greg Joseph Maloy 398363 STL Majors
Hugh McHaffie 351951 STL Majors
Jaden Alec Lander 607322 STL Majors
Jake Douglas Anton 439527 STL Majors
James Dianto 547771 STL Majors
Jeremy Goldberger 519110 STL Majors
Jimmy Llibre 656799 STL Majors
Joe Moser 274665 STL 2020 RO #1
Joe Smith 435153 STL Majors
John S Elder 266027 STL 2M + 2R
Ken Haughwout 376210 STL Majors
Kristina N Etherington 324821_1 STL Majors
Max Talmadge Gee 492743 STL Majors
Maxwell James Kittleson 148640_3 STL Majors
Michael Douglas Gershon 544521 STL 2M + 2R
Mike Taylor 242050_1 STL Majors
Nathan Pope 447559 STL Majors
Nicholas Olivier 638989 STL Majors
Nick Leverone 200602 STL Majors
Olivier Jean-Francois 624976 STL Majors
Peter F Davis 230258 STL Majors
Scott H Bettinger 192057 STL Majors
Stephen A Johnson 272532_1 STL Majors
Stephen Jeu 514400 STL Majors
Steve Wickersham 497254 STL Majors
Taz E Harvey 494856 STL Majors
Tim DeRonne 247642 STL Majors
Todd Buras 264358 STL Majors
Tom van Veen 540466 STL Majors
Warren Alan Sackman, III 405604 STL Majors
Whitfield Gregg 360035 STL Majors
William Elliott Keeling 287317 STL Majors
William K Snyder 453447 STL Majors
William L Knight 484940 STL Majors
A J Ferragonio 276512 STU Majors
Alan Michael Orban 218131 STU Majors
Axel Cabrera 613452 STU 2M + 2R
Bruce Bannister 413544 STU Majors
David Gene Fiorelli 511660 STU Majors
Dominic D Starkweather 541744 STU Majors
Dr. Morey D Doyle 77454 STU Majors
Edwin Soto-Quinones 370560 STU Majors
Enrique Gelpí 538439 STU Majors
Ian Barberi 315698 STU Majors
James Phillip Slechta 374571 STU Majors
Joe Moser 274665 STU Majors
Jorge A Nazario 364634 STU Majors
Jorge Alberto Ortiz 536591 STU Majors
Jose Osiris Pena 616672 STU Majors
Justin Taylor 497530 STU Majors
Kevin Dale Lachance 525504 STU Majors
Patrick David Lipsinic 281426 STU Majors
Paul Azan 439749 STU 2020 RO #1
Peter Federlin 449684 STU Majors
Raymond Philibert 385513 STU Majors
Robert S Verenna Jr 286096 STU Majors
Scott Peterson 175876 STU Majors
Seth Huntley 468203 STU Majors
Thomas Wiegner 526036 STU Majors
Tim Hunter 477011 STU Majors
Whitfield Gregg 360035 STU Majors
Andrew Aquilante 336891 T1 Majors
Brandt Stover 373053 T1 Majors
Brian Kleeman 261223 T1 Majors
Chris Alliegro 649520 T1 Majors
Christian Outzen 399418 T1 Majors
Christina Lam 454740 T1 Majors
Christopher Ryan Edens 364995 T1 Majors
Clark A Nunes 496417 T1 Majors
Daniel Bender 419155 T1 Majors
Hugh Stewart 342745 T1 Majors
Ian Barberi 315698 T1 Majors
James Candelaria 512852 T1 Majors
Jonathan Vasquez 342746 T1 Majors
Joseph F Aquilante 58896_1 T1 Majors
Mark J Boden 266025_1 T1 2020 RO #1
Matthew John Tarter 540951 T1 2M + 2R
Michael E Pettiford 149585 T1 Majors
Murat Mark Ketenci 465802 T1 Majors
Norm Murdock 495056 T1 Majors
Pratt Cole 117165 T1 Majors
Shek Fai Edgar Lau 431154 T1 Majors
Tim Kezman 468072 T1 Majors
Timothy Rubright 405374 T1 Majors
Aaron E Kaplan 405530 T2 Majors
Albert Nocerine 236136 T2 Majors
Ali Salih 478677 T2 Majors
Andler Klatzky 607789 T2 Majors
Bill Collins 483548 T2 Majors
Brian LaCroix 239940 T2 Majors
Casey McLoed 625502 T2 Majors
Charlie Peter 353312 T2 Majors
Christopher C Qualls 360274 T2 Majors
David Sanders 290431 T2 Majors
Dr. Carl Fung 404789 T2 Majors
Gregory Philip Schermer 426081 T2 Majors
Joe Koenig 384667 T2 Majors
John B Snyder 416397 T2 Majors
John S Yarosz 151124 T2 Majors
Jonathan James Browne 615853 T2 Majors
Joseph Boden 266025_3 T2 Majors
Kurt Phillip Rezzetano 446986 T2 Majors
Mark J Boden 266025_1 T2 2020 RO #1
Matthew O'Toole 468818 T2 Majors
Maurizio Cerasoli 341191 T2 Majors
Michael J Lavigne 249607 T2 Majors
Mikhail Butenko 608226 T2 Majors
Nathan Martin 640089 T2 Majors
Patrick Womack 362485 T2 Majors
Scott Raymond Sinnott 529633 T2 Majors
Scott Sewell 640083 T2 Majors
Thomas S Herb 403182 T2 Majors
Tim Kezman 468072 T2 Majors
Tom O'Toole 468817 T2 Majors
Van Alan Hunter 521948 T2 Majors
Breton W Williams 386027 T3 Majors
Brian Ghidinelli 352377 T3 Majors
Camden Jones 347258 T3 Majors
Chris Hart 650748 T3 Majors
Dave Byassee 510901 T3 Majors
Derek Chan 585320 T3 2M + 2R
Dr. Benjamin P Slechta 378596 T3 Majors
Eddie Nakato 388279 T3 Majors
Frank William Garcia 509498 T3 Majors
Gamaliel Aguilar-Gamez 434079 T3 Majors
Glen Andrew Morris 546985 T3 Majors
J. David Orem 650752 T3 Majors
Jason Knuteson 331892 T3 Majors
Jasper Drengler 382138 T3 Majors
John Hennessy 646874 T3 Majors
John Iwata 386296 T3 2M + 2R
Luca Mars 548307 T3 Majors
Marshall Mast 474588 T3 2020 RO #1
Michael E Pettiford 149585 T3 Majors
Mike Staab 624620 T3 Majors
Nicole Anne Jacque 451533 T3 Majors
Paul McNamara 281684 T3 2M + 2R
Peter Atwater 541932 T3 Majors
Phillip (Keith) Morrow 547254 T3 Majors
Rodney William King 366365 T3 2M + 2R
Russell B. Seewald 392118 T3 Majors
Timothy Wise 327927 T3 Majors
Angelica Sprehe 526648 T4 Majors
Brent J Simonson 333804 T4 Majors
Brian Todd Laughlin 376539 T4 Majors
Chalton Jerome Lane, Jr. 465222 T4 Majors
Chi Ho 340807 T4 Majors
Christopher D Windsor 330405 T4 Majors
Colin Koehler 547590 T4 Majors
David Hooker 632870 T4 Majors
Derrick Ambrose 432222 T4 Majors
ethan barker 631210 T4 Majors
Garrett D Mays 517352 T4 Majors
Greg Martin Guthrie 512416 T4 Majors
Izzy Sanchez, Jr. 56066 T4 Majors
James Clark Ebben 276005 T4 Majors
Jason Benagh 198775 T4 Majors
Jeremy Butz 466268 T4 Majors
John W Heinricy 106078 T4 Majors
Kenneth H. Payson 24928 T4 2M + 2R
Kenneth Lendrum 340183 T4 Majors
Kevin Donald Fryer 415019 T4 Majors
Liam Vail 653580 T4 Majors
Matthew F Davis 217912 T4 Majors
Michael Borden 468473 T4 2020 RO #1
Philip R Clarke 147817 T4 Majors
Ralph A Porter 98876 T4 Majors
Randall Grant Smart 301733 T4 Majors
Richard (Scott) Mooney 329854 T4 Majors
Richard Delamare 639599 T4 Majors
Richard K Dickey 77807 T4 Majors
Richard W Grunenwald 92557_1 T4 Majors
Robert Spence 365186 T4 Majors
Roldan de Guzman 549782 T4 Majors
Sergio Zlobin 542555 T4 Majors
Thomas Morrison Fowler 89571 T4 Majors
Timothy Wise 327927 T4 Majors

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