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Gift of Membership

Gift of Membership

Quick Overview:
Give the driver in your life the gift of fun with cars! ...

Give the car-lover, driver, motorhead, or wrencher in your life the unforgettable gift of fun with cars with a year-long SCCA membership. With cool cars, great people, partner savings and more than 2,000 events nationwide, you can be sure they'll find their fun in no time!

Once purchased, you’ll receive the gift card redemption code via email.

Note: National membership dues are $80 per year. Region dues vary between $0 and $20, with most being $15. So, this $95 gift card should cover a full membership for most, and some will have a little extra spending cash left to use in our online store. For those living in regions with $20 regional dues, they'll just pitch in that last $5.
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